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October 2017

The October issue of my Tax Tips and Traps newsletter is available in downloadable PDF format here.  Please feel free to share my newsletter. This issue contains important tax issues, the latest news and is filled with valuable tax and accounting information.

  • Business loss or personal venture?....Can I deduct losses against other income?
  • Guaranteed income supplement...Change in an Individual’s Circumstance
  • Charity filing and compliance obligations...The CRA Has Checklists to Help 
  • Dying without a will...Who Can Manage the Deceased’s Tax Affairs?
  • Operating a business in the US....The IRS is Targeting Smaller Foreign Entities
  • Non compliant GST/HST registrant...Impact on Tax Refunds or Credits
  • Support of refugees...Tax and Filing Requirements
  • Underground economy...Contractors, Online Sales, Farmers Markets

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